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12 Tips to Love Yourself During Tough Days

There are some days when just doing the simplest things gets a bit harder, or days when we feel low or even full of sadness. There are days when we don’t happen to see the positive side of what we happen to be living in our lives or days when we are not exactly at our best. 

But that is ok. 

Those days need to happen in order for the better ones to finally show up. 

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We are Becoming the Men we wanted to Marry

I see myself “becoming” and growing and learning and healing as the person that I wanted to be before I was taught to look for a man to find that kind of fulfillment. And I see that women around me becoming the man they were taught to find as well.

The man they were taught to look up to. The man they were told to admire. The man they were told to need.

I see them questioning. I see them being unapologetic. I see them as brand new versions of themselves. 

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