I Celebrate You

Some of the reasons why love is always worth celebrating, with or without a lover.

Celebrating Yourself this Valentine's Day

Celebrating Yourself this Valentine's Day


 I am a lover without a lover. I am lovely and lonely and I belong deeply to myself.

Warsan Shire



It’s a special day. For lovers. Or that’s what they say.

But I am feeling this day myself, without a lover, feeling completely loved.

I am celebrating it, feeling love and care and emotion all around me.

And all inside me too.


Was it here all this time?

When were we taught that only lovers could make us whole?

I am feeling myself so damn whole already.

I am feeling myself so damn loved already.

I don’t have roses on my door, nor do I bought chocolates or dressed myself in red.

But I am wearing my passionate self and my compassionate soul to taste the fresh air today. Alone and complete. Present and free.

And I swear it feels so good.

It feels special already.





How can I not miss having someone to call love?

How can I feel in love, but not with someone?

Am I loving moments or places or stories lately?

How can I be that free?

Can this become intoxicating?

Am I entitled to love my solitude this much?

Am I becoming reckless?

Am I becoming cold?

Am I less of a human lately?

Because the truth is, I don’t think so.

The truth is, I love a lot more lately.


I love the random smiles of people at the streets.

The cold weather awakening my skin.

How breathing slowly fills me with energy.

How dogs react when they see their owners.

The song nobody cares about but you.

The jokes.

Frozen landscapes treasuring an untold story.

Writing until it’s too late for the world to be awake.

How my body feels after running.

Finding a Brand new book to get lost into.

Feeling how I’m able to smile again.


Planning trips and daydream about new lands to visit.

The way my soul has become my most loyal friend.


I love the story my skin tells with its softness.

My imperfect, messy and complicated mind.

My glorious and numerous mistakes.

My monumental ability to start over.

Words said with the heart to another heart.

Friends miles and miles away that can make you feel home over a message.

Connecting with like-minded people.


Understanding your story and loving the hell out of it.

Self-indulging in long baths with the only company of your own music.

Forgiving yourself for your limitations and imperfections.

Accepting being gloriously human.

Trusting your intuition.

The way every new day brings something new to discover.

How the bad things don’t last forever.

How the good things can always be treasured in your heart.


I am in love with being alive lately.

Being loving. Being authentic. Being present.

I have found a lover inside my own soul, that knows how to love deeply, whether it is moments, places, memories, nature or people, and it might be foolish or wild but it is surely whole, it surely lovely.


Today, whether you have a lover or not, whether you are drawing hearts or escaping from them, remember that you ARE already a lover, and lovers of all kinds make the world a better place.

In case you have forgotten, the world is sure to love you all the way back, until you get to see just how whole you already are.


The world celebrates you.

Today and every single day.

And I celebrate you just as much. 



How are you Celebrating Yourself this Valentine's Day?

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