Get Wild to Get Inspired

Tico Friend was cold

Hello everyone!

So this is just a section that tries to show you ways in which you could get inspired. You can genuinely expect anything from interviews, people's stories, traveling destinations to daily activities that can connect you to your inner creative genius. 

In this first one I will keep it short and try to give you an idea that might serve you to boost your inspiration these cold days. My advice is: if you want to get inspired, GET IN TOUCH WITH NATURE! Get closer to your WILD SIDE! 

There are very few things more rewarding than being in touch with that wild part of us that demand us to get in closer to animals, trees, landscapes and mountains. You don't need to go somewhere too far or too exotic to get that "natural boost", because most of the times getting in touch with that peaceful landscape that is not too far from home is more than enough. But it! and do it more often than you are used to, because it really changes everything. Getting in touch with nature can help us to get grounded, to get in touch with ourselves and definitely to learn what is really important to us. 

If you find that your inspiration is gone lately or that you are not as happy as you would normally be, getting in touch with nature can definitely help. At least, you know it won't hurt, right?

Some days ago I had the chance to get my usual "natural boost" with amazing incentives that are shown in the pictures below. I could hug tigers and wolves and play with many different kind of amazing creatures that had been raised  with care and love. It was one of the most special days of this year, and I was so high after spending time with them that I knew that this had to be my first advice.

So, if you want to get inspired, please GET WILD! Get in touch with nature, and inspiration and wellbeing will naturally flow to you! I'm sure that if you try the wild medicine you won't get back to the ordinary... 


Get Wild to Get Inspired