Beautifully Free

I’ve found myself thinking about freedom more often than not these past months.

Thinking about how do I relate to that concept.

Thinking about how utterly attracted I am to that loving ease of finding yourself navigating your life with that beautiful sense of freedom.

Because I’ve felt “free” in ways I had never experienced before lately, in ways I had never even imagined before, and I believe that it is something worth sharing.

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Managing Strength and Softness

There was a woman I met some years ago, who told me minutes after we met about how she could gasp how strong and soft I was at the same time and how hard it could possibly be for me to handle the two of those qualities together.

At that time I had a bad time admitting my own softness, my own delicate space where things and words and actions had a totally different dimension.

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25 Quotes to Remind Yourself of your Awesomeness

Welcome to the Compilation of Quotes ready to provide you an extra dose of empowerment. Because some authors simply know how to make our day in a very few words, and that is something that demands to be shared.

Here you can find the 25 quotes that happen to resonate with myself more lately, and I hope that you too can find them inspiring:

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12 Tips to Love Yourself During Tough Days

There are some days when just doing the simplest things gets a bit harder, or days when we feel low or even full of sadness. There are days when we don’t happen to see the positive side of what we happen to be living in our lives or days when we are not exactly at our best. 

But that is ok. 

Those days need to happen in order for the better ones to finally show up. 

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The Blessings I Found in Pain

The truth is, we don’t know what blessings we can get from our darkest times.

But we can dare to live through them, one step at a time, and one breath at a time, hoping that, somehow, somewhere along the way we would find the meaning and the answers that we were so fondly looking for.

No matter how hard or traumatic your experience might be right now, your story could change people’s lives.

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We are Becoming the Men we wanted to Marry

I see myself “becoming” and growing and learning and healing as the person that I wanted to be before I was taught to look for a man to find that kind of fulfillment. And I see that women around me becoming the man they were taught to find as well.

The man they were taught to look up to. The man they were told to admire. The man they were told to need.

I see them questioning. I see them being unapologetic. I see them as brand new versions of themselves. 

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The Truth Behind Panic Attacks

I don’t know how to talk about “panic attacks” in general, since every single one of them seems pretty different, even for the same person, and even in the same period of time.

In my case, none of them was or felt the same.

They all told me a different story, they all taught me a different lesson, and I guess that’s why they are THAT hard, that overwhelming, that suffocating and that powerful and damaging at the same time.

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Why You Shouldn't Be Ashamed of Having to Deal with a Mental Illness

I hear this story many times, the story of people having to hide on a daily basis and even to their most loved ones that they are dealing with a mental illness, and I wonder: what could possibly be more draining than that? What could possibly be more challenging than having to hide something that is killing you inside?

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The Year I Survived Hell

I’m sometimes asked about last year and I rarely know how to respond. How could I possibly describe hell in a few words? How could I possibly look at someone in the eye and say what I’ve been through? But I guess its important to try to describe it just in case someone else is living the same, because maybe knowing that other people have also been there and have survived can make them feel less alone or less desperate, and it is only fair to share it to honor the journey of the courageous, tremendously valuable and fascinating humans that survive mental health issues every day. 

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